About us


Henty Brook Angus is entirely family-owned and run. Three generations of Van Nierops live on the home farm in Burekup, nestled in the foot hills of the Ferguson Valley.

Everyone in the family contributes to the operation of the farm, and there’s always plenty to do, whether it’s fixing a fence or moving stock or checking on cows due to calve. Even the three children help out in the yards or on their motorbikes when needed.

We don’t buy in stock (apart from our Little Meadows Angus bulls), so all animals are born and raised here.

We never have and never will use hormones or antibiotic feed additives to grow our cattle.

We also just plain love cows – they’re our business and our lifestyle, and their welfare is paramount to our operation. That’s why we leave all the calves with their mums for at least 6 months before weaning, and why we grow our cattle out in the paddock, not in a feedlot. We aim to design all handling and transportation experiences to minimise stress as much as we can.