Why is our beef so good?

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We believe that people are entitled to know exactly how their food is produced. Our customers can be confident that our beef is a premium local product – grass fed, and free of hormones and antibiotics, and with animal welfare at the forefront of our minds. All animals are born and raised here. We never have and never will use hormones or antibiotic feed additives to grow our cattle.

Why is Angus Cattle beef superior?

The Angus breed has a proud and long-established reputation in Australia. They are renowned for producing superior quality beef, due to intra-muscular fat marbling that results in supreme tenderness, texture, flavour, meat colour and fat colour.

Additionally, Angus cattle are remarkably hardy and efficient feed-converters and good mothers to their calves, as well as having a lovely docile temperament which makes them a pleasure to handle in the yards.

What are the health benefits of Grass-fed beef?

We are lucky to be part of the South West Irrigation area, using water from Wellington Dam to keep our grass growing right through the summer months.

Scientific research has confirmed the health benefits of grass-fed over grain-fed beef. Only grass-fed beef has levels of healthy omega-3 fatty acids high enough to be recommended by Food Standards Australia as a good source of omega-3s, regardless of the cut of meat.

Grain-fed beef has lower amounts of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (another vital fatty acid) compared with grass-fed beef.  The longer on grain, the worse the fat composition, with long-fed grain cattle (cattle fed grain for 150 – 200 days) having higher levels of saturated fat, monounsaturated fat, omega-6 fatty acids (which are pro-inflammatory) and trans fats. Read full details  of the Australian study, performed in 2006.